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About Mansour's Menswear

About Us

Since 1930, Mansour's Menswear has stood as a cornerstone of the business community in Cape Breton and Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Our roots are deeply intertwined with principles of hard work, dedication, and exceptional customer service. Across three generations, the Mansour family has nurtured this thriving enterprise.


Founded by the late Ali A. Mansour, Mansour's Menswear became synonymous with his warm presence and unwavering commitment to quality. In 1984, Ali's son, Mike Mansour, assumed leadership of the business, carrying forward the legacy of his father. After a decade of devoted service, Mike ventured to Calgary in 1994, where he embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey in the realm of clothing. Today, Mike proudly continues the family tradition, blending time-honored values with contemporary flair to steer Mansour's Menswear into the future.

Mens Clothing Store


Dedicated Retailer

We ensure fashion for all with high-quality clothing to suit any budget and event. Tuxedo rentals, big and tall and two on-site tailors have helped make this business a staple in the local men's fashion scene.

"Customers can come here looking for a new outfit", Mike says. "And we will put it together for them and get their input. We keep working until the whole outfit is complete."

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